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Originally Posted by StRiCkEn View Post
PTWs aren't the king/god of airsoft... I've honestly not once ever been like "aw shit this guy has a PTW, I'm screwed."

Nothing against them, they are great and all.

Airsoft is a good portion player skill. I'm sure you've heard some random say this line before at one time or another, but it's true.

"I've seen guys running a stock TM kick the crap out of guys running <super upgraded omg gun>"

It's true.

I think this thread is about the seasoned vet who knows how to competitively run a stock TM and decides to buy a systema.

Anyways, TLDR: buy a good AEG if you want to go toe to toe with the rich "professional training weapon" crowd.

Originally Posted by femina View Post
Okay, I recently went to art show. One of exhibit had huge panoramic canvas pictures of landscape photos taken with a digital camera. These pictures were nice and huge. The canvas was attached to a wooden stretcher frame for direct hanging on a wall without need for a frame. Do you know any more on this subject? Where can I go for additional information on this subject?
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