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Originally Posted by S7EVIN View Post
Yep, I understand, but still no one has answered my question..
And I'm not changing my mind about the KJW, tokyo marui is too expensive for me at the moment.
Holy shit you're ignorant.

You've been answered before, go back and read what's been suggested to you.

If you can look past your ego a little, you'd find that you're on a site that fully supports the use of a private classifieds section. That, and this site has launched off airsoft in canada and have gone through hoops and loops just to make it so we can enjoy the sport a little better. If you want a gun, just follow the rules and you'll be fine. We're not going to tell you otherwise on how to get your "KJW glock without clear lower and metal slide" beyond what we have already told you.

Take your thumb out of your ass, get verified. And you'll have access to your 'godly' KJW glock along with hundreds of other options for your picking.

Acting like this is only digging yourself a hole at this point, people here have been trying to be helpful to you but you seem pretty keen on spitting on their faces. We've tried, but I guess we're not doing enough for you.

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