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Hi, I live in Canada, of course, and I would like to know if there is anyway to get the KJW Glock 27 with the metal slide but get it with the regular black lower receiver instead of the tinted one that all Canadian retailers sell.
Get age-verified on these forums and browse the classifieds. You can also try the age-verified retailers section to see if they have it in stock. If neither of those work out, post a request in the Wanted section for it.

If not is there anyway I could get a black lower receiver by itself (Tokyo marui G26 is compatible with KJW glock 27) and ship it to Canada.
Since you have obviously not perused the FAQ, I will give you this little snippet from the topic in there titled "Importing Airsoft and You":

Yes. The good news is that most parts and accessories, including most magazines, can be successfully imported by individuals without requiring a BFL. Examples of things you CANNOT import:

* AEG magazines with fake cartridges (i.e. P90, G36, SG 552 mags)
* Frames, receivers, and metal bodies
* Suppressors and silencers
* Prohibited-length outer handgun barrels (i.e. USP Compact, Glock 26)
* Hand and 40mm grenades that look real
And there you are. If for any reason you still want a full coloured receiver, refer back to the first part of this post.

And is there anyway I can get the trademarked version of the gun with the Glock symbols and writing on the slide? All the Canadian retailers have the blank slide.
I believe that reasonably trademarked versions of KJW Glock pistols are available. But again, if you want them, you're going to have to get age-verified and check out the forums' age-verified sections.


That was the long answer.

Short answer? Get age-verified.

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