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I'm not sure what you mean Knives or who you were directing that at. I think you maybe talking about me. Anyhow, if what you says was what I thought, I didn't realized/feel the hit until I turn around and saw someone pointing a gun at me. I was running really hard to avoid being hit.

Kolumbo69, that VIP game was a joke. I manage to sneak all the way around to their end of the map and kill 3 guys, but the armor rule kept them alive and gave my position up.. So stupid...

Upping BA fps and downing AEGs isn't a good solution... It'll just make more noobie who want to hurt people go for BA...

Long story short... I just wanted to rant about Systema being the top of the airsoft pyramid and how more and more people are running it... I have a ton of gun running my BA, just sometimes when your pinned by a systema, your screwed....
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