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Originally Posted by Matt 'Maverick' Watts View Post
SaltWaterDrinker.. if you're going to be at Pine Plains in June, there will be at least one AV'er there from Canada. Stop by the Full Clip USA/UO Armory Vendor area and we'll get hooked up with the right person!
Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
Ive asked admins re: this issue, the answer was a resounding no.

Sorry Dude, but the "Right person" will be able to re-iterate most of what you have already been told.
AV is a system to ensure several things on ASC. Origanally developed to ensure that Buyers and sellers in the For Sale section were infact of a suitable age to participate in the sale of Airsoft in Canada.
From there it has gradually expanded to act as anti-fraud tool that ASC admins can use to assist the the RCMP in tracking down scammers.
Then it became a way to protect the public games from being crashed by 15Y/O kids with crapsoft. It has also become a way for forum members to identify Stupid adults from stupid kids.
One day the AV system may expand to include AV of internationals with specialized access systems. But today it does not. The info on repairs Modifications and trouble shooting that the members of ASC have devised are mostly behind the curtain of AV, but every other venue it would open to you is moot. Games, buy&sell, and other similar threads.
Thanks for taking an interest in ASC and getting greater access to the board, staff and members should take this as a compliment and you are welcome to continue to visit and post, perhaps you will be here when the AV system expands to include you as well.

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