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Originally Posted by danteh View Post
It's nice but I'm not a fan of the full stock and that's just because of my time in the army it's a pain in the ass if you a smaller person, I love the adjustable stock!
I can understand that, I'm not a big person myself and would have gone with adjustable stock except for a few differences between real steel and airsoft. When it comes to airsoft there's a few things you have to keep in mind regarding full stock vs. adjustable stock. The first being the size of the battery you can use. Unless you use a PEQ or a battery bag, you're going to be stuck using small batteries which don't have nearly the run time of a large battery. Second, with a adjustable stock, the battery is going to have to be in the front hand-guard which is going to make the gun front heavy, especially if you plan on mounting anything on rails. And third, changing batteries in a front grip is an extreme pain in the ass and not something I'd want to fart around with in the field, doubly so if you have anything mounted on rails.
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