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My understanding is that this particular line of G & G aeg uses steel gears; but hey I am only going on from online reviews and whatnot.

I have only worked on four KA AEG's. Didn't care for the spring guides in both the KA V2 and V3 gearboxes. The nozzle and tappet plates on the FAL's had issues too. Other than that I didn't see anything "wrong".

Never worked on a G & G ( I have a SOC 16 somewhere); but a few guys around here have them. I don't see these guys leaving a skirmish to fix their aeg in the safe zone....yet.

And concerning the holy awesomeness of metal receivers; I am pretty sure that AR's have aircraft aluminum upper and lower receivers. If you desire realism in an aeg you might want a receiver that somewhat matches the build of the RS version; not much different than the dislike some people of faux wood on AK's, Thompsons and M14's etc.

Again, I recommend the KA M4A1.
Is the magwell big?Like slightly bigger than normal M4s?The G&Gs magwell is slightly bigger for some reason.
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