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Originally Posted by EN SABAH NUR View Post
I didn't know where to post this so here it is. If anyone can reach this guy, Dracu (#############), can you tell him to clear his inbox? I've been trying to reach him for the last couple days regarding an inquiry he had about the pending arrival of an item I sold him. I sent him an email through ASC to know avail. I know he's been online the last 2 days since I tried contacting him.

If you're reading this, clear your inbox! I have no other way of communicating with you

With love,
The First One

P.S. I'm going to need your phone number to open up an investigation with CP. I know...CP is annoying.
Get his name off of there man, his real name at least.
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eeyore, the more I look at your avatar, the more I find it looks like a vagina...
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