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I know that this thread is almost a year old and that some of the posts are even older (2 - 3 years).

But I have a couple questions about the posted FPS limits.

Are these values currently used or has there been any movement (Upward or downward) in the FPS limits for clubs across Canada?

The reason I ask is that there seem to be hotter guns coming into Canada all the time. With the retailers working within the FPS limits set by customs, and the hotter GBBR's coming in. Guns that are jacked up to get in country are sometimes not downgraded after arriving.

Do your clubs find that there is a problem with your limits, or have you kept your limits and forced the players to downgrade their guns?

How firm are you when it comes to these limits? Lets say you have someone come a great distance to a game and their gun is shooting 5 or 10 FPS over your limit. Do you allow them in or send them away? What about 20 over? or more?

Or do you have a soft limit and allow some variation dependant on the other players in the game? (I.E. vote to allow or not)

Thanks to those that will take the time to post!
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