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Method of aim and development of the sight picture depends on the range of engagement.

the longer the range the more likely you are to take the time to develop a complete sight picture and close one eye.

in airsoft, all engagements are close range and you are not likely to have the time to develop a complete sight picture.

With pistols this is even more true. for very close and fast engagements the sights are not even likely to be used at all and you will aim using a natural point of aim.. point and shoot with eyes target focused.

A little wider distance you may develop a "flash sight picture" you are still target focused but the sights are in line between you and your target.. you may just in a flash focus on the front sight. both eyes open

for an aimed shot at long distance.. you would raise the gun to the target, both eyes open , then "squint" the non target eye, and then focus on the front sight. focus may shift to the rear sight and then back to front, then to target and back to front sight. as the shot breaks.

Hitting longer shots have more factors than just aiming.. breath, trigger pressure , and follow through are all important factors.

Most airsofters use the point and shoot method.. and then "walk" their shots on target with streams of auto fire.
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