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Originally Posted by Tempest VI View Post
Why does everyone say metal is way better? It's not any different from plastic. I've physically meet people who’s held a military grade M4/C7/C8. They even said themselves that the only part that's metal is the upper receiver.
Why? Metal is not necessarily better, it's just looks and feels more realistic. Those people that you've physically met that held military grade ar-15s, they have no clue what they're talking about because ar-15 have aluminum uppers and lowers.

To answer the OP's question the KA has MUCH better internals than the G&G. Steel gear, superb internal plastics, a piston head that ain't shit, etc. They also make some of the best receivers on the market. Personally I think the KA is the best ar-15 on the market for that price. If this doesn't convince you to buy it then I don't know what will.

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