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Why does everyone say metal is way better? It's not any different from plastic. I've physically meet people whoís held a military grade M4/C7/C8. They even said themselves that the only part that's metal is the upper receiver. Even on those metal AEGs, it's not like it's made out of titanium or steel. It's white metal, tin and lead arenít much (if any) stronger than plastic. Plastic is lighter and more easy to repair. There is absolutely nothing wrong with plastic or composites, in fact a lot of times, they're better than metal. Just because it says plastic or polymer that it's made from cheap melted down margarine containers. Don't assume because it says metal that it's make out of steel or even aluminum. Even if a gun where to be made out of steel, there's more to it than just steel, the very same with plastic. My point in all this is, donít say that gun is no good because itís plastic. While, no, itís not made out of high grade plastic, neither is that ďmetalĒ one. Even it says high grade whatever. Donít believe it for a second unless they give you a MIL spec number.
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