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Ok but do you still focus on the far sight or the target?
Target, Use my peripherals and muscle memory for lining up the sights. If it's a shot I really can't afford to miss(yet have time) I kinda do a sweep with my eyes, Starting at the target then front sight and it's position relative to target and relative to rear sight then back to targe. It all can happen very quickly and doesn't NEED to happen in most situations where reflex and muscle memory are more important. Also if you keep your pistol drawn and pointed like you should (in your field of view just like you were shooting it) than you won't need to prepare for each shot or anything like that.

What jamesbond said is actually what I was trying to get at in less words. Though the part about KEEPING the pistol in front of you and not at the low ready makes a huge difference in your initial shot accuracy.
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