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Originally Posted by philly0001 View Post
I also love my KJW 1911 but I wouldnt put much faith in it on the feild (in terms of survivability). You cant even squeeze off those 25 rounds in one charge (for the KJW 1911) and mags are hardish to find.
As much as I love my 1911, the points you make are valid. the metal slide plus the smaller gas reservoir of the single stack mag means you're getting 15 rounds tops. I realcap mine to 7 anyway, so that doesn't bother me. If you want a 1911 that fires the full 25 rounds then you need one with a abs slide, like the tm or wa. As to mags hard to find, I found that as well, but luckily I found out that tm mags fit just fine, in fact they fit better.

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
TM Highcappa Full stop, shoot 350 on propane + in the heat of summer

full size pistol, good mag capacity .. and accurate out to 100 feet ( if you know how to run a pistol)
For a pistol as a primary, there's no quesiton, as much as I love my 1911, it's the hicappa all the way.

Originally Posted by danteh View Post
Well I am getting a KSC USPc this week and am already researching M4s as my next purchase.
I'm a fan of the M4 as well. I don't know what your budget is but I did extensive research and settled on the Tactical Carbine version of the Classic Army M15A4 (basically a full stock m4) as my first gun. If an Armalite is what you're looking for then I think it's the best of all possible versions. You have the shortened M4 carbine barrel, which makes you less likely to smack your barrel off something when turning quickly, combined with the full stock which houses a large battery. Small batteries don't have near the run time of a large battery, not to mention that the reinforced slip ring (the ring that keeps the fore-grip on) is really stong. While this is mostly a good thing and a big step up over CA's previous M15 versions, it makes changing small batteries in the field very difficult if not impossible.

CA's M15A4 series in general is a big step up over their previous versions and as far as stock armalites go they're probably the best. All metal where the real steel version is, the plastic parts where the real steal version is plastic are made of high quality enhanced nylon fiber rather then abs for great texture and feel. Classic Army has a deal with Armalite so you get all the proper markings. Plus that deal also goes to show the quality of the manufacture, Armalite wouldn't put their name on a shoddy product.

Internally the gearbox is reinforced metal and all the gears are metal as well. It fires hotter stock then Tokyo Marui's as well, firing at 300-320 fps where your average TM only fires 280-300 fps.

All in all this is a great starter gun if you can afford it. Because it's all metal you don't have to worry nearly as much about breaking it and you won't get any of the wobble or creaking that is infamous in stock TM M4/M16's. Unfortunately affording it is the biggest problem, they're not cheap. For reference I got my CA M15A4 from the classifieds, upgraded with a bunch of Systema internals to fire 390fps, for $600 shipped which was a great price.

As you can probably tell, I'm a big fan of Classic Army. One thing to keep in mind about Classic Army is they now have two lines, a proline and a sportline. Originally they were easy to tell apart because the proline had the metal body and the sportline had a plastic body but recently CA has been releasing their sportlines with metal bodies. The price tag should still allow you to easily tell the difference, the sportline being $300-400ish and the proline never being cheaper then $500, usually more like $600 or more but it's still something to keep in mind. All the pros that I went over above were regarding the proline model. The sportline model has cheaper everything internally and externally.

Now for some gun pron:

My Classic Army M15A4 Tactical Carbine without external addons:

My baby, CA M15A4 Tactical Carbine with m203 grenade launcher, red dot sight and taclight:
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