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I own a few aegs that take the AR style magazine. PTS MOE Carbine, CA M16VN, RS Type 97b, CA XM177E something something, Star FNC etc etc.

I also own a few different brands of mags.

The only mag issues I have had were with some Star Real Caps and some King Arms VN mags on the 97B. G & P mags and 120 Pmags work fine in all of the above.

Some mags wobble more than others when in the magwell; not really a buzzkill for me as long as they work.

Also, I am not knocking that G & G Max Lite. I am sure it'll do the job you need it for but I prefer a metal receiver and rail. Nylon fibre plastics is fine for the other furniture and mags.
How about the King Arms M4A1 i listed?Is it picky with mags?
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