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Originally Posted by SilverGrape78 View Post
I don't remember calling you a collective bunch of crooks and liars..are you sure it was me?
Originally Posted by SilverGrape78 View Post
...i don't care about the classifieds or whatever because i heard they are crap and everyone lies about the condition the gun is in.

What you don't realize is that there are Retailers selling brand new high quality Airsoft for very good prices contained within the Retailer Age verified section. Not only that but a vast majority of users of the classifieds are both honest and upfront as they are individually rated though our trader rating system.

All that people are asking is for you to make the effort you wish us to make, meet us half way so to speak.

Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z View Post
It is two different people....
same generalized questions

Nope, Self same person. You might have missed it.

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