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Originally Posted by SilverGrape78 View Post
Yes i've used the search button before posting but it looks like nobody has asked the same questions as me?
All you have to do is say which gun is the best out of them all, i don't care about the classifieds or whatever because i heard they are crap and everyone lies about the condition the gun is in.

I'm not a serious airsofter like you guys are.Most of my friends have crappy guns anyways so it won't matter :P

Wow, you really take the cake. Multiple people have given you valid answers and have enforced the rules of this community by reiterating our desire for our members to be age verified before we divulge information regarding purchase of Airsoft and you have the gall to call us a collective bunch of crooks and liars.

You sir are making a proper ass of yourself.

I highly suggest you reconsider your stance, if you are infact underage then stop right now and wait until you are of age to join this community.

If you are of age then respect the rules of this community you are demanding help from and open yourself to the wide world of airsoft that is contained within these boards.

Now considering these facts make your next post wisely.
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