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How many times are you going to ask the same question with different guns. I'm sure myself as well as others have no problem helping you out but there is a thing called a search button that can be used. It's found in each of the threads throughout this forum.

Also it's been stated to you throughout your several threads that you've started that getting age verified is something you might want to consider seeing that buying from buyairsoft and sites like that are not that wise. Besides when you get verified you'll have access to the classifieds on here as well as the retailers section.

But try to do us all a favor and put a little effort into your research. Also, try to limit your double and triple posts as well.

Yes i've used the search button before posting but it looks like nobody has asked the same questions as me?
All you have to do is say which gun is the best out of them all, i don't care about the classifieds or whatever because i heard they are crap and everyone lies about the condition the gun is in.

I'm not a serious airsofter like you guys are.Most of my friends have crappy guns anyways so it won't matter :P
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