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Gas gun randomly shoots full auto?

I don't seem to have access to the gun doctor forum yet, so I will ask this here.

A friend of mine who isn't on here yet has a Skeleton Sidearms gas pistol (Sig P226, said to be a TM clone) and what happens is that sometimes when you pull the trigger, it will shoot once as expected, and sometimes it will fire like 4-5 rounds at a time as if it's full auto. It's about 50/50 how often it happens. Neither of us really know enough about these yet to have any idea. Mine works fine and we can't find any obvious differences between the two.

I searched on here for things like "full auto problem" and found one issue of a magazine valve being stuck. Is that always the most likely culprit? Next time we're together I will try my mag in his gun, but until then.. Any other ideas?
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