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Originally Posted by Kuro_Neko View Post
While this thread is generating mostly a consensus of 'Yeah, pistols rock', I'd advise the OP to take a look at the join dates and post counts of the majority of the repliers. Using a pistol against AEG's is very doable, but takes alot of skill and experience. I would highly recommend against any newcomer to the sport trying this, as they would likely come away with a negative experience. For the newcomer, a pistol is good for emergency backup and the occasional pistols only battle, but little else.

Think about it: A pistol usually firing a couple of rounds a second at 320ish fps from a six inch barrel, with a 25 round mag and iron sights. Versus a full auto AEG firing 10 to 30 rounds a second at 350-400 fps from a foot and a half barrel, with an 80 round mag, optics and a shoulder stock. Without a lot of skill on the side of the pistol wielder, who do you think will win the majority of the time?
This man speaks the truth. If you want something for CQB, I would highly recommend a compact SMG type AEG as a first gun, as it will be far more useful than a pistol. I wouldn't say to NOT get a pistol, but if you're new, chances are that the AEG will be far more useful and you'll get a lot more enjoyment out of the game.

That being said, skill with a pistol can make it a viable option as well, both indoor and out. I was at an outdoor game on a rather large field yesterday. 12 of my 14 kills were pistol kills (FN 5-7 rocks!). It's just not recommended for a noob.

Get used to the game with a good AEG. Once you have that, then a pistol will become a useful tool to use as a primary for CQB.
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