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Originally Posted by Von_Manstein View Post
Hmm, airsoft guns look so overpriced in canada...sometimes twice the US prices.
Sometimes even higher.

It sucks but it is not price gouging (always) and the vast majority of Canadian Retailers and vendors are honest and hard working people, there are high costs for their services in delivering goods and we have the choice to either pay the costs or not.

Take the next 6 months to research and read, do some theoretical learning and get a better understanding of how things work and the reasons behind them and you will be on much better footing when you eventually start gaming.

Bear in mind that airsoft is as expensive as you want it too be. I have played games running around with upwards of 1500 dollars in kit strapped or hanging off me and I have played games with nothing but a cheap 50 dollar springer and some street clothes and enjoyed myself. Budget what you can and ensure your primary objective is to get out there and join in on the fun.

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