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i'm drowning, gasping for air...and the only thing i want to save me is that friggin TDI KRISS Vector!...damn i love that gun, fired one in New Mexico a year after its civillian release (LV, Mont., NM and i think another state too)...lemme just say the experience was "muvafakin awsome!" handed was the best...i and my whole airsoft club can't wait til these babies come out...gonna bring a different look on the faces of our game masters and judges when they see a TDI Vector KRISS on the stats card...this thing'll let you lay down about a half pound of lead down range, and not pussy lead either...we're talking 45 acp, man stoppers...
i think KWA said late third quarter, so in laymens terms-maybe november or for K10's, there is no answer...but there's lots of speculations...i think there are two types, the GBB and AEG...and i think there's gonna be a body upgrade (don't hold me to it)...kinda sounds like they're going to release the KRISS, then release a kit that will allow a change to the K10
2 seperate models where to be released the KRISS and the K10. they put the K10 on the back burner until the KRISS was full operational and selling, they said the internals needed some changing on the K10 and it was still in the prototype stage
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