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I ran both my PTW as well as my bolt action Kar 98k. My BA is completely stock. If you want to run a sniper as a primary do some research. I was lucky in that I'm a WW2 nut and the Tanaka Kar 98k is a very efective sniper rifle in its stock form (with .4g BBBastards). Just because it's a bolt action sniper rifle doesn't mean its going to outrange aeg's out of the box. I've seen some pure garbage sniper rifles.

A lot of people don't understand that upgrade parts aren't compatible with the clone manufacturer's rifles because they have different tollerances in parts.

As for the PTW, it's expensive, but worth it.

The field was lacking cover just due to the fact that it's spring, and this was one of the first outdoor games of the season, so no foliage. There isn't a lot of structures at Warpaint because the field is only just coming up to a year old.
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