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Here's one guy talking about woven mesh vs stamped mesh.

You may be thinking about its ability to stop things from getting through the mesh but its more about durability.
Wire mesh deforms easier, deforming = stress. You've seen what happens when you bend wire too much right? It stresses and snaps or shears off. Wire mesh is...well made of wire. biggrin.gif
Of course the chance of taking more than one hit in the exact same place more than once in a day,or even week or month is minimal but it could become an issue with long term use. Moreso with regular heavy skirmishing.

These look quite good and seem to be the kind of face protection I've been waiting for. Will definately pick out a pair or two for myself as soon as the funds are available. Have made too many purchases this month as it is. tongue.gif
Um, do mesh goggles eventualy go soft and let bb's through if you shoot them enough? No they dont.
Yes they do. Bitterends mesh takes approx 20 ,0.2 rounds ,350fps ,at a range of 10cm/4", in the exact same spot. As does mine ,I've tested it .Your average sensei takes around 5 with the same test .ACM masks vary 2-5. The woven stuff I would imagine would take around 5 also, at a guess. The likelyhood that you would take Multipul hits like that though is highly unlikely though. Also it helps to tap any serious dents out, to reduce this chance even further.
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