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Originally Posted by Slow View Post
This is the reason why people suggest getting an AEG before you spend your money on a Bolt Action.
My history with an AEG went like this:
-First AEG EVER! ICS m4
Sold it because fail upgrading(wasn't compatible with TM you see).
-Got a cyber Sig552 for indoor,
Sold it because I didn't like indoor.
-Got a F&F M14 with a rail system
Sold it because it was too heavy and figure "why not go for a BA."
-Ended up getting a ICS M16(don't ask me why).
Sold it because I couldn't use that AEG blowback kit(the one you install in stock)
-Got a G&G M16 with SPR kit
Sold it because it wasn't a BA and I really wanted one after seeing my buddy got so many kills.

-Got a Well L96

Originally Posted by Amos View Post
What bolt action do you have and what is it upgraded with?
It's loaded with:
PDI hop up
Firefly rubber
Madbull barrel with 1 set of spacer
Laylax cylinder and cylinder head with sorbo(spelling?)
Laylax spring guide
Modify piston and piston head(because they were sold out of the Laylax)
450FPS spring (SP120?)
Laylax trigger assembly
And BB Baster 0.36g bbs.

See, my knowledge of airsoft isn't too bad
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