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I would say $300 is the bare minimum that you should spend on a gun. Much better to get AV'ed and maybe snag a deal for $250 for the gun itself or $350+ on a package (ie. includes extra mags, extra battery, half a bag of BB's, etc.)

Don't get an LPEG (LOW Powered Electric Gun), you'll be disappointed. They're like the retarded second cousin twice removed of airsoft guns. It's like comparing a nerf gun to a paintball gun.

If you must go budget (and you have experience playing stock/modified stock/super stock/open class) then the Crosman S34P (Tri shot TM M3 clone, NOT the single shot one) is a decent gun but keep in mind that you'll be severely outgunned and need to be sneaky. Ie. It's like playing with a stock class gun against full auto/semi auto guns, you just have to be REALLY REALLY sneaky, skilled and rely on precise/accurate fire rather than dumping a bunch of paint across the field.

PS: If you go the S34P route, NEVER pay full retail price for it. It goes on sale semi often (maybe once every 3-4 months) and you might be able to snag it for $70-75+tax rather than $120.
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