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I had one of those as my first gun it never even made it to a skirmish b4 it shat the bed on me, very flimsy and fragile terrible plastic internals and the springer pistol is totally useless. After seeing the performance of my second gun I'm glad I never gamed it I would have been slaughtered. I really regret buying that gun and I wished I had the money back to put towards a better gun.

Rent until you see if you like airsoft enough to invest in it, it's not uncommon to spend $1000+ to get outfitted, I did. I would recommend you save up a bit and spend $400-$500 on a gun (sell some paintball stuff if you need to) so you get something that will last. The worst thing for a new player is to have a gun that doesn't work as you won't know how to repair it (not that that gun can be repaired) and you won't have a back-up to keep you in the game when it goes down, and it will go down, at the worst possible time too. If you can't afford to spend that much on a new gun good deals can be had in the classifieds if you're patient. You could also get a new JG AEG for around $250/$300 which would make a good starter gun, not the greatest of quality but a million times better than that colt duty package and they're TM compatible so you can easily upgrade and fix it as you go.

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