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An Intro

Well here goes. Basic Info Below, but the long and short of it is this; My name is Bryan, Callsign Midnight. I have been playing scenario paintball for years in almost every aspect of the sport. But recently, due to the cost of the sport and the fact that things are leaning towards speedball guns, I haven't been playing all that much recently. (For those of you who haven't played, running a limited ammo paintball gun against an 18 year old with an Etek dumping 35bps just isn't fun).

I am big on tactics and "milsim" stuff and just returned from my local hobby shop after oggling the airsoft guns for about two hours (store owner just started selling them). After seeing the prices for both the guns and entry etc etc, I am SERIOUSLY considering the switch to airsoft!!!!

Anyway, here's the basic info stuff;

Name: Bryan
Callsign: Midnight
Age: 28 (Born 1982)
Prefered Style of Play: Full Milsim (ie: Realistic)
Location: Belleville Ontario
Gun: Colt M4A1 On Duty kit (not purchased yet... but I think it will be bought soon!)

Any and all helpful info for someone switching from Paintball to Airsoft would be much appreciated!

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