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I started with a pistol in a CQB field... and even though I have good CQB rifles and a shotgun, I usually play with a pistol only. My usual primary is a TM Glock 18C AEP (an electric pistol that can fire full auto) and although it has low power, it's VERY accurate, and I found that it's more than good enough for CQB. I also have a TM 1911A1 with a TK twist barrel that works marvels in CQB. I also got to play with a few KJW pistols and WE hi-capa and those don't cut it. The quality of the pistol you use WILL make a difference. Having a lot of spare magazines also helps.

Yes, you will sometimes find yourself at a disadvantage in bigger firefights, but most of the time, your quicker reflexes and lighter load out will be a much bigger advantage than being able to fire a lot of rounds in full auto. Beside, you have teammates that will have full auto rifles, so stick to what you can do best with a pistol (sneaking, recon, fast movements for ambushes, etc) and you will be an asset to your team, not the under-gunned little guy.

Alternatively, you can get a machine pistol, like the Mac11, MP9 and MP7. Those might be a good compromise between a pistol and a rifle and they work marvels in CQB.
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