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Why not get a Pistol as a first gun?

I was just wondering why it would be a bad idea to get a pistol before an AEG.
I was assuming because in outdoor games a pistol is pretty much useless but I love CQB (favorite part of my Infantry training) so I wanted to lean towards those games more than outdoor large field games. Would getting a pistol work out a little better for me?

I'm very new to this hobby and I went to my first game at TTAC3 in Toronto where it was all CQB. I needed to rent a gun and got a Mp5, after playing with it for awhile I asked to switch to a pistol to get the feel for that. To me, I ended up playing alot better with a pistol in a CQB game that with a rifle(well Mp5).

But I'm obviously the new guy so I just wanted the oppinion from the older players on this manner. I understand the use for an AEG in open field/larger playing grounds but if I wanted to stick to close quarters (at least for now) does that kindove change the outlook on getting an AEG first?

(I don't know if this will come up but I'm just gonna put it out there first. I am in the process of being AV'd, been waiting for almost two weeks for them to update my account.)

Thanks for your time.
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