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Originally Posted by oniwagamaru View Post
I hate this damned postal service! they never get their fuckin tracking system right! Expected delivery date my ass! My city is 3 hours away! cant they just drive their damned trucks here and give my my damned package. It shouldnt take 4 days to a week to get a damned package!
It does when your package is labeled as Regular Parcel. I hear you though, just easier to bring it to you as opposed to having it sit there for 3 days.

I've had a package that was shipped 3 days after my first package both from Alberta, get to me 1 week before the second package. I actually received the first package in 3 days when it was labeled as Regular Parcel.

Also, I hate when the package is marked as received at such and such Postal facility, it stays like that for 5 days and than all the sudden it changes to, Item out for Delivery. Never any consistency.
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Long story short:
If your gun is in Canada, leave it in Canada.
If your gun is not in Canada, leave it outside of Canada.
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