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Originally Posted by SniperSam View Post
Learn more of what?
(These are in my opinion)

Best M24? Classic Army, Maruzen is a good company as stated above (but I've never dealt with them)

Best BBs? BB Bastards

Best Uprades Overall? PDI, Prometheus, Firefly(hop up rubber)

Best Optics? For me, Bushnell 3-9x40mm; though seldom will you use above 4x magnification at most

Best Externals? Harris makes a good bipod, Wenger makes an amazing sling (usually find them on very good well-priced laptop bags), G&P makes an excellent silencer

Best Attire? A hand-made ghillie suit is highly recommended, I prefer those whom only cover your back and a decent amount of front coverage, makes it much easier to crawl and such. A camelback as well, since it get's very hot in a ghillie, and it is important to stay hydrated

Best Misc? Extra Magazines, at least 3-4 depending on what you're playing; a fanny pack (ghey i know), can keep tools and mags/bbs in it as well
Thanks very much for helping a newbie now gotta go to work and make my business grow so i can upgrade to a higher priced gun and be divorced before im 30.
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