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Originally Posted by Dracheous View Post
When I google "propane adaptor" I get ASC because of AI's propane adaptor kit.

Likely hood is that someone found the site that way and made assumptions; regardless its the responsibility of the citizen to get themselves informed. Alerts from your local fire department are a great help in informing the citizen, but it is not their responsibility to make sure you know not to set your ass on fire; just to hose you down when you're retarded and do manage it :P.
The topic was on refilling disposable propane tank, not AI propane adapter.

It's funny to note, the description for TSSA is a non-for-profit organization aka not government, and probably a lobby group. While the legality of there regardless whether it's good or bad law, it is there and you have to follow it.

I just find it amusing how they try to use Ontario laws to shove it down the throat of a Canadian organization. (Kinda like trying to enforce BC body armor 'ban' on here or CGN)
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