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Word of advice. Just take the abuse kid. I've found the "real world" is harsh and unforgiving and I'm only 21 so not much older than you.

While you're in school (by that I mean trade school/college/uni) the world shits on you. Once you graduate (get your ticket/diploma/degree) you will be the one shitting on the world.

6 months isn't that long and although you'll turn 18 when the season is winding down at least you can snag some "back to school" deals. Pretty much people are like "OMG, I can't pay tuition/rent/food this semester, I need to sell some stuff" or "Man.... I've accumulated so much random stuff, maybe I should sell some of it to start on a fresh school year (and while I'm at it I'll buy these different coloured highlighters, stapler, notebooks, post it notes, etc. only to never be seen again until the end of the semester)".
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