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Originally Posted by Von_Manstein View Post
I'll get Age verified in, 6 months.
I shall teach you what to do until then:

1: Read the FAQs
2: Read some more of the FAQs
3: Read the FAQs again (You'll surely miss something)
4: Use the search tools (Which you should have done in the first place)
5: Get AV'ed when you are 18
6: Search through the classifieds and AV retailer section
7: In the meantime you can browse the gear section for a bdu and a vest
8: Choose a gun
9: Buy the chosen gun
10: Attend a game

And most important of all....Have fun!

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Originally Posted by Strelok View Post
So you're saying we cannot engage in a hobby once we are older?

Children these days.
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