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It's entirely possible. But they're heavy. When you get tired...they'll feel like buckets of sand.

Blisters and ankle support are not factors for steel toe vs. other. If you have good boots that fit well, then they work as equally well. However...the weight, leading to fatigue, leading to a sprain may factor in.

You need boots that provide good ankle support. They need to be comfortable. They need to have good traction. Anything that fits that bill will work.

However...YOU need to wear them all day. Run/walk/sprint, jump, crawl..get wet, be hot, get muddy, etc... If your boots are stopping you from doing that....and a huge blister that takes off your whole heel will drop a lot of guys...then you need to do something else.

Good socks are key too...I'm a firm believer of the thin sock thick sock rule.
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