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new twist on an old one... the online gamer kiddies ... I'm happy they got off the couch and came outside, but seriously... to find out someone was running around picking up dead teammates guns and using them every time they went to respawn. (small local milsim, our team was defending a hill/base, when killed we had to walk to a respawn area, then back to the hill. taking our gear with us was just unnessasary lugging weight.)

I don't mean he was running out of ammo and grabbing someone elses to keep defending. I mean litterally someone elses gun was put down he would drop his and run grab theirs wasting their ammo.

he was caught in the act... and then got a rather rude awakening when he reached for my bolt rifle.

oh! the best part... he was supposed to be leading the team to bring us our ammo to continue defending the hill........ we didn't get any ammo till we halfed our defenders to go get it ourselves...
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