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Playing in Steel Toed Boots???

First of all as silly as this question may sound this is a legit question that I would like to ask before I do go out to play. If you do feel that there's reasonable grounds to flame me this is "written" consent to do so :P

So I've ordered my gun (VFC M4 SOPMOD) from Mach1 through ArmyIssue and because of my low student budget I am not able to purchase boots right away. So my question is: is it possible to play (for long periods of time) with steel toed boots? Has anyone ever done this before? I'm not in the best physical condition but then again I'm not in the worst condition either. I understand that this issue isn't really the end of the world but hey I'm bored and can't seem to get my mind off anything airsoft :P Oh I guess I should mention that these boots do have ankle supporters to prevent rolling so that's already a plus, I'm more worried about mobility and weight. :P
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