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you're going about your pros and cons list all wrong. Its ALL about upgrade availability.

All three of these sniper rifles are sub-par for actual usage. Consistency/accuracy is on par with low-mid level aegs that can shoot 100x as much volume of bbs. In any legitimate airsoft game, guns that shoot this fast will require you to not only be trusted in the community, but to have a strict minimum engagement distance. This means at distances you will be allowed to engage, say 100ft your "sniper" will be useless.

Buy a TM vsr-10 if anything. They are regarded as the best platform, and you can upgrade with a myriad of parts as you go without worry of parts not fitting.

TM MP5k PDW -ris, stubby grip, DNTC, electro

"SNIPER" is NOT a gun. It is a person. Saying "I use a sniper" is like saying "I fly a pilot".
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