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Originally Posted by Delta Charlie View Post
hey guys I was looking at buying a new sniper rifle soon and I have narrowed it down to three guns
1. vsr-10
pros: -reliable
- cheap
-480 fps
cons: -not as ascetically pleasing but still looks nice

2.well l96
pros: -fast (480-500 fps)
-looks cool
cons: -double feeding issues
- accuracy issues

3.Dragunov SVD
pros: -looks awesome!
-longest barrel for accuracy
-fast (480-500 fps)
-almost all metal
cons: -double feeding issues
- not too upgradable

I'm buying from, so can I get some opinions as to which gun is better and why, it would be much appreciated.
1, No; that's obviously a clone, buy TM VSR10, slightly more expensive, best beginner sniper rifle, all of the same perks. Lots of aftermarket upgrades to make it deadly accurate, aesthetically pleasing, consistent/small grouping and has a very consistent FPS if upgrades correctly

2, NO; WELL makes shatty sniper rifle clones, especially the L96. Stay away from it. It has crap internals and it has a tendency to EXPLODE if the stock internals are not taken out and replaced with semi good ones. STAY AWAY FROM WELL

3, NO; Stay away from that particular SVD as well. Crap internals for such a high velocity FPS, will also explode if not careful.

If you don't listen to my or anyone else's advice, please when you get it, don't come on here raging about how much it sucks, you were warned. Also, swap out the spring/spring guide if you do get them; the spring is cheap and so is the craptacular plastic spring guide.

If you want a VSR10, go with Tokyo Marui, best choice by far.

If you want an L96, sigh... not many good companies make them, but go with UTG if you want cheaper. And from what I hear from one of the best bolt gun techs on here (Amos), the Tokyo Marui L96 is by far the best L96 on the market

If you want a SVD, go with RealSword. The realism is unbelievable, the quality beautiful, and overall, it's a masterpiece

Assuming you're 18 and youve been here for 2 months (allegedly), there's often pre-upgraded sniper rifles that will save you the hassle of buying/maintaining/upgrading the crappy clones

Also, Snipers are people like me. Sniper Rifles are what you're after, though I'm not that expensive
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