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Originally Posted by Dirtbag View Post
You can not fix those type of guys, they are no more than 30 minutes from Panther paintball and a whole hour and bit from Bigfoot games. My bet is they just can't be bothered to go to an organized field.

If you are close see if you can get them out to a regular game, but given there are a whole 3 of them you may not have much luck.
coincidently that's what I'm trying to do dirtbag, and I'm a regular at Bigfoot too, so I'm trying to convince them to go out there.

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Do you have any idea how many little groups of kids playing backyard or back 40 wars there are?

Thousands.. We can't police them, and their actions have no bearing on this community. Kids have been doing stupid things with airsoft guns for 20 years... and we are still here and going strong.

I'm not saying that some attempt to bring them into the fold should not be attempted, I'm just saying that for every one you do.. another hundred take up the clearsoft.
I do understand that, and this is my first time coming up upon this so I was asking to see if we should do anything about it. But here's another thing, they're not playing with clearsoft, but airsoft. Either way, I doubt you even care so end of discussion for me, thanks for the comments.
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