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Originally Posted by Zep View Post
I have lots of smoke. Don't you worry. I have done plenty of research and talked to many people and i know the quality of BBB.

The test i have done with TM, Guarder, G4 airsoft, Omega's, Bio TM, echo1, systema, madbull, and BBB does not compare. But i understand your loyalty and thats fine. But one of the best are still Bioval proven military training grade, used in the US and Canada approved by the GOV.

believe what you want. tests have shown the results.
Thats funny, my guy at Colt and in procurement says there isn't an NSN for "airsoft BB's". I'd love to see who approved what, since we are talking with Colt Canada right now about their current trials with airsoft on behalf of the DND to determine if it will be effective as a training platform.

Originally Posted by Zep View Post
Guess you get the special bags then. lol

US has shitty quality control? please tell me where BBB are made. Id love to know.
While we are a 100% Canadian Company, our products are made in a factory we have been working with in Taiwan since 2003. For some reason folks seem to think this a secret.

We developed our own molds, and the double polish process that is so popular now across brands. The good news is they will soon be made in our own injection molding company in Georgetown (third quarter of 2013).

Our commitment is to bringing manufacturing to North America to make the product even more reliable, consistent, and to protect our IP. It is also our commitment to our loyal customers to do this without raising prices one cent.

Airsoft guns are inaccurate by design. Not all BB's work well in all guns, and part of the fun of airsoft is that AH HA! moment when you find that perfect ammo that preceptively improves your guns performance.

I'm disappointed if our product doesn't meet your needs. Just means we have to work harder, thats all. I would love to see some of your testing data. It would help us in our efforts to design a better product to find out why our BB's don't perform well in your guns.

I am in Pet regularly, and am working with some fields up there this summer helping them get started up. Let me know if you would like to meet to swap results!
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