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The USP compact is pretty OK. Some folks have trigger breaking issues or the safety will decock but not engage after some use.

You will see some nice used ones with metal slide kits pop up in the sales section on occasion and someone might put a new KWA one up too.

Your best bet is to put the cash in a holding pattern and watch and wait till one shows for sale. For other choices hit a few games up and see what's out there. Some folks love a 1911 grip, others are Glock fans, and then there are some folks who have one of each under the rainbow.

Make sure you get one that will fit in a holster, and you can get spare mags for. Those are points some folks may skip over and then regret. A Broomhandle Mauser would be a cool plinker but trying to put a light on and game it wouldn't be the easiest row to hoe.
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