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Aquiring a USP Compact

Im currently in the process of being AV'd (been waiting about a week now for it to go through) but while I waited I was checking out some websites trying to locate a KSC USP Compact and was having an extreamly hard time. I was wondering if there was a specific reason for that (out of business or something else) and if possible if someone can tell me if I would have better luck on the classifieds looking for one (if you know there are some for sale) If there is great I'll continue to wait until my AV goes through, but if not I was going to do some more research on other pistols. I know you cant tell me whos selling them but I just wanted to know if i'm wasting time waiting for my AV to go through to buy a KSC USP Compact or if I should be looking at other options.

Thank you
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