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Originally Posted by Caninjap View Post
First of all, I didn't call myself an airsoft cop, I'm just concern about the future of airsoft. if we're don't monitor new guys coming into airsoft and keep idiots like these guys from creating trouble then it can damage the image of airsoft (not that it's been getting a good rep already). And I am taking the Mentor approach and will try to get them to play in a legit field, maybe go with me all the way out to the field and keep them from going astray.

For those who don't know they play Coquitlam, a city that's about an hour away from Vancouver, so it is within Canada. I didn't take a look at the pictures so I didn't notice that Luger shot about 400fps...
Do you have any idea how many little groups of kids playing backyard or back 40 wars there are?

Thousands.. We can't police them, and their actions have no bearing on this community. Kids have been doing stupid things with airsoft guns for 20 years... and we are still here and going strong.

I'm not saying that some attempt to bring them into the fold should not be attempted, I'm just saying that for every one you do.. another hundred take up the clearsoft.
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