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I haven't heard a lot of good things about the CA P90.

A P90 in general is a cool gun, but there's a few things to consider:

-P90 hi-caps -ALL OF THEM- suck ass. I don't know anyone who runs a P90 with highcaps (unless they're using the ugly-as-sin STANAG adapter). 99% of people run P90s with standard magazines, either JG (about $30 a mag) or TM (~$60 mag).
-P90 mags a big and bulky. Not unwieldy, but they are large.
-Short barrel. Can be made longer when hidden with suppressor, but not necessarily the best outdoor or long range gun.
-The RDS looks cool but the TR version with your own optics is superior.
-The V6 mechbox is easy to get out of the gun and easy to work on. A real bonus for a beginner IMO.

Is the P90 a good starter gun? Honestly, I'd take it over the oft-recommended M4 style, both because it's easier to work on and I like the P90 style a heck of a lot more. I just don't think the CA one would be my first choice.

One last thing to consider: Do you want to customize your gun and stick all manner of accessories on it? A P90 is pretty limited in that regard.

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