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Pointing out the article is fine; the poll was entirely unnecessary.

While the favorable press is good, I'm not sure the message it puts out attracts the right kind of people: likewise, I'm not convinced the sport being promoted by bodies whose only motivation is sales profits (in this case a retail store) does much to elevate the quality of the game.

In the end I can't really blame people for the dumb comments, virtually nothing was said about how the guns are used so its not hard for someone who doesn't know to think they'll just get shot in back yards and used to snipe the neighbors' cats.

Also, bitethebullet, AKA Forest City co-owner Bob Reave (yeah, someone signing up just to post that is a big red flag)... Not quite misrepresenting yourself, but given the report is close to an FC Surplus infomercial there's maybe a failure to properly present yourself. As well as a long standing history of Ian Gillespie writing up positive articles about the store (although arguably beneficial in this case). Just thought I'd point it out to everyone for the sake of clarity; the members of this community can form their own opinion.

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