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Originally Posted by iKliiu View Post
SniperSam, have you gotten groupings with BBBastards at that range as seen in the OP?
At a much longer range actually, but it was with my TM VSR10 that was pimped to the tits with PDI parts
Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z View Post
What kind of gun are you using (aeg,spring,gbb)?
what is the barrel length?
barrel diameter?
brand of gun?
shooting supported, or no?
Iron sights or optics?
internal upgrades?
Gun: Spring/Bolt action sniper rifle
Barrel Length:430mm PDI
Barrel diameter: 6.04mm PDI
Shooting supported? No
Optics? for 100+ft, yes, other wise no
Internal upgrades: Almost everything PDI, Firefly soft-type hop up rubber
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