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Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z View Post
you are poking the hornets nest.

They have been proven to top most any BB produced through superior quality control.

Prove to me and every other bastard on this forum that Biovals are better
WITH YOUR OWN WORK (you plageristic liar)

I have lots of smoke. Don't you worry. I have done plenty of research and talked to many people and i know the quality of BBB.

The test i have done with TM, Guarder, G4 airsoft, Omega's, Bio TM, echo1, systema, madbull, and BBB does not compare. But i understand your loyalty and thats fine. But one of the best are still Bioval proven military training grade, used in the US and Canada approved by the GOV.

believe what you want. tests have shown the results.

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