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Should I buy a used VFC M4 SOPMOD?

Hey guys, as mentioned in another thread posted yesterday I am looking to purchase a VFC M4 SOPMOD. Again I understand that there is limited info people can give me without my AV tag. So if it helps the situation any the following link shows a post from ArmyIssue vouching that I am in the AV process.

As for my question, I have come across a used VFC M4 for sale and I was just wondering if it was worth it to pursue the offer or wether I should just buy new (as many people have already suggested). I will admit that I do like buying things brand spankin' new but it's obvious that if I get a deal on the gun there is more money to buy gear (a vest and combat boots at Army Issue namely).

So here is the offer in question:
all stock except for a Madbull 6.03 tightbore barrel and VFC vertical grip
It is in good condition except for it is missing the rear body pin.
The gear box was just re-shimmed, cleaned and regreased.
It shoots good and chronographs in at 355- 360 with .20's
It comes with stock barrel, 300 round hi cap, and original packaging.

Original price was $600 (around retail price for the gun new).

The guy has bumped his price down to $480, so I was wondering if this is an offer I should be pursuing. I am also worried about the missing rear body pin mentioned, is it a big deal? Is it easy to obtain another?

Lastly, if $480 is too much what price would be "enough" to make this deal wothwhile?

Thanks for your time and help once again ASC!
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